Chrome Wire Shelving

Nickel chrome finish that offers a bright, clean & modern shelving system

  • Quick & easy to erect with no nuts or bolts required
  • Ideal for a wide variety of environments, including: Hospitals, reception areas, food processing areas etc.
  • Complete with 4 shelves as standard
  • Extra shelf levels & accessories can be added for various usage 
  • Dimensions shown are in mm (HxWxD)
Chrome Wire Shelving (Starter Bay)
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Extra Shelf Level for Chrome Wire Shelving

Extra levels for our chrome wire shelving range

  • Please ensure correct size to match shelving bay above (Width x Depth)
  • All measurements are displayed in mm
Extra shelf level
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Chrome Wire Shelving Accessories

Accessories that can be added to our chrome wire shelving range:

  • Shelf dividers - 200mm high
  • Shelf ledges - 110mm high
  • Wine rack
  • Utility rail
  • Euro display hook
  • Ticket edging
  • Castors - 100mm diameter 
  • Castors - 125mm diameter
  • Trolley handle
  • Cantilever shelf
  • Sloping shelf

Please ensure correct dimension matches shelving bay purchased (Width) 

chrome wire accessory
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