Quality Second Hand / Used Racking Suppliers

For complete systems, extensions to existing systems & racking repairs/replacements

Our used racking systems are sourced from reputable trade companies from around the UK who have aquired it as redundant stock from either companies having no use for it any more due to a change in their warehouse designs, or businesses closing / down-sizing.

This means that the second hand racking that we supply is brilliant condition and (when available) can be like new

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We have supplied second hand pallet racking to many companies and establishments accross the UK and can supply well known manufacturers frame & beam APR (Adjustable Pallet Racking) systems such as:


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PSS (Planned Storage Systems)


We will also supply pallet racking accessories such as:
Decking (Steel & Wooden)

Anti-collapse Steel Mesh
Row Spacers
Safe Working Load Plates
Safety Clips / Beam Locking Pins

Extra Beam levels

Height Extension Splices

Floor Leveling / Shim Plates


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